The Michigan Lottery and Camelot Lottery Solutions Have Partnered

As a supplier of e-Instant games, the Michigan Lottery has partnered with Camelot Lottery Solutions (Camelot LS). 

The former will make available various e-Instant game titles tailored to meet the needs of its operating partners and their players under the deal. 

According to Camelot, instant win games are an important component of the Michigan Lottery's digital offerings and help the corporation boost net profits to fund state education initiatives. 

The company went on to explain that its materials will aid the Michigan Lottery in its efforts to deliver socially responsible products to players, as well as the success of the digital lottery program. It has received accreditation in responsible gaming as part of the WLA's supplier program. 

"We're happy to begin this collaboration with the Michigan Lottery, which has been setting the standard for e-Instant performance in the United States," said Wayne Pickup, CEO of Camelot LS." 

We have around 200 games in our library, some of which have been rated pretty well in the UK, Ireland, and Switzerland for e-Instant games. We can't wait for these games to come to North America. 

Camelot already has a major foothold in the North American market as the operator of the Illinois Lottery since 2017 and a corporate partner of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery since 2015. 

"Providing our players with unique and diverse instant win gaming choices is critical to the success of the Lottery's online platform," said Jake Harris, Michigan Lottery's manager of player relations. 

We are excited to work with Camelot to improve our users' online gaming experiences and present them with new games. 

Last month, the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board and Allwyn AG agreed to purchase Camelot UK, with Camelot becoming a fully owned subsidiary of Allwyn.

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